Rental Valuation

Comprehensive lettings appraisal and valuation

At D + J Lettings we are landlords ourselves, we know the local rental market and we know what works and what does not, so when we undertake a comprehensive lettings appraisal with you we will help and guide you through what makes your property attractive to tenants, how you can get the best rental income and find the right tenant. We have two levels of service, both free of charge and with absolutely no obligation.

Rental valuation
If you are seeking to find out what the rental value is for your property, we will visit your property and advise on the potential rental income. We will also advise of any potential improvements that we believe will increase the rental value and we will be pleased to discuss the lettings process and answer your questions.

Ideal for:
New and existing landlords who are looking for an expert independent lettings agent, who knows the area well and is able to market their property to achieve the highest rental income in the fastest time.

Rental valuation and appraisal
More than just a valuation, we will help and advise you about lettings and buy-to-let investment. We can help you with projections for yield on your property and how to maximise on your investment. You may have one or a number of properties and we can review these for you and provide you with a report.

Ideal for:
New landlords, existing landlords and multi-property landlords – we can give you the benefit of our experience and pass on our wealth of knowledge. For new landlords we will be pleased to spend time with you to help you through setting up your rental business. We were all new to lettings once and we know it can be a minefield of legalities and regulations!

Fill in the form opposite and we will be pleased to call you and arrange a time to meet you. Our intimate knowledge of Hitchin and the surrounding area ensures that we are the ideal choice to provide you with the most reliable, professional valuation service.

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